Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Purpose: to inform
WALT describe with clear and interesting details
Success Criteria
  • Quick plan to prepare for the writing task (brainstorm with words or ideas)
  • Interesting beginning and ending
  • Using the senses (see, touch, hear, smell)
  • Includes strong descriptive words (adjectives)
  • Uses the present tense
Examples: Bamboo Forest / Scene Description by Dylan / Scene Description by Sophia

Writing Task: Describing a special place in Hawke’s Baybsr

Beach - Free images on Pixabay
Waimarama Beach

Early in the morning at 5 O’clock, we go out on the ice blue boat.  It is really cold and  the boat is slapping  over the waves .    We pull up the crayfish nets  and 23 crayfish  are scratching the metal nets .I grab  2 at a time and  they feel like spiky roses.
Soft, squishy golden sand is good to play cricket on and me Logan and mum play cricket together. Me and mum are batting together i get a 6 because the ball hit the water on the full . I like it when Logan hits the ball up in the air and I catch the ball on the  full .

Waimarama Beach is the best beach in the world .

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  1. I absolutely love this piece of writing, you have used so many great describing words.